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AH Group 2023 Year in Review

2023 was another successful year for our clients and the AH Group team, despite the unexpected hardships that came with it. We could not be more grateful for the continued opportunities to help our clients with industrial repair management services. Through our services, we were able to help our clients hit larger sustainability goals than ever while also saving them millions of dollars. We hope we can do the same in 2024.


Sustainability through Repair

In 2023, AH Group saved 78,353 failed machine parts from landfills. Instead of buying new parts, AH Group team members were able to help our clients repair failed machine spare parts, saving them from ending up as waste. We are grateful to be able to help our clients adopt more sustainable manufacturing processes.


Cost Savings from Repair

Also, this year, AH Group was able to save our clients over $117 million. Through repairing machine spare parts instead of buying new parts each time something fails, our team was able to calculate the amount our clients have saved by implementing a repair program. This greatly helped our clients stay within budgets during economic uncertainty.


Client and Community Recognition

AH Group was also awarded several recognitions over the course of 2023. In July, we were named DANA’s Indirect Supplier of the Year.  In November, AH Group was also named one of the Detroit Free Press’ Best Workplaces of 2023. We are honored for the support of our community as we aim to improve the repair process.


Remembering Dhawal Zatakia

While it was a successful year for our business, on September 1, 2023, the AH Group community suffered an incredible loss. Dhawal Zatakia, one of our principal owners, passed away from a sudden health condition.

While many may argue one cannot be a successful business leader and a kindhearted individual, Dhawal was truly both. He was a strong leader who was always working to push our company’s mission forward. Dhawal also found great value in getting to know the people he was leading and was always willing to offer his help for others. Each decision he made was driven by innovation, intelligence, and empathy.

Dhawal will forever be missed by our team, and we know the best way to honor his memory is to continue growing the company he worked tirelessly to expand with our leadership team. We’re grateful we were able to carry his core values and vision for our company throughout AH Group to make 2023 a prosperous year, and we hope to continue doing so in years to come.


We are grateful for all we have achieved in 2023 while overcoming the sudden loss of our CEO, Dhawal. Thank you to our clients; without your partnership, we would not be where we are. Additionally, thank you to our team for your hard work; we appreciate all you have done to help AH Group excel. Lastly, thank you to all our supporters; we are grateful for your continued encouragement throughout the prosperous and difficult times.

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