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The years from 2007 through 2009 would be vividly remembered for the economic volatility. And again exactly after a decade we are witnessing another round of economic paralysis that has affected customer demand and rapid movement of fuel and raw materials, besides escalating commodity prices. The AH Group is committed to creating more customer-centric, efficient supply chains whilst exploring innovative ways to implement cost reduction, and acting as enabler for growth opportunities.

We, at the AH group, have identified six best practices for effective supply chain management process:

  • We have set up a planning and business model that is purely demand-driven in real time and demand shaping. The point is to have the insights to leverage opportunities and tackle challenges so that your business not only thrives but also succeeds.
  • We help develop a highly agile and adaptive supply chain with accelerated planning and integrated implementation. The benefits of it may include businesses making fast adjustments to the dynamic and continuous supply chain and market changes. This can even reduce, if not eliminate, the impact of shocks across the supply chain.
  • We help optimize product designs and product management for manufacturing, supply and sustainability to step up profitability and promote innovation. We achieve this by helping you in making the right decision right in the early stage of product development cycle. Designs must be optimized for supply chain operation and supply manufacturability. It is important that true delivery costs are captured and analyzed to strike balance across the supply chain network.
  • We align the supply chain of a business with its business goals by combining the sales and operation planning with corporate business planning.
  • Integrate environmental and social sustainability into supply chain operations for companies to achieve competitive advantages in the areas of supplier management, employee engagement and production efficiency.
  • We ensure a highly predictable and reliable supply.

AH Group works on operational excellence and continuous improvement strategies setting the tone for the most effective end-to-end supply chain operation and management.

We have the right tools, processes and practices to help business rapidly respond to the dynamic changes in the supply change model and enhance profitability than before. Our process is a time-tested and proven one across some of the most highly value supply chains globally.

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