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AH Group follows a procedural approach when it comes to managing the distribution of goods from raw material producers through manufacturers and finally down to consumers or end users. The importance of supply chain management in manufacturing industry has never been felt so sharply. Its impact is felt in a number of areas including the availability of inputs required for production, costs, processes and profitability of manufactured goods, infrastructure of the company and the interaction of companies with customers and suppliers. We understand clearly the ways that supply chain management can affect manufacturers from both a strategic as well as everyday operational perspective for all businesses – small, medium and large.

Reliability of Inputs:

We ensure that raw materials arrive on a consistent basis at manufacturing facilities on time. If the raw materials don’t arrive on time, production can come to a standstill. The lack of consistent delivery of inputs can put assembly lines to dormancy and employees in an idle state. This means a company will be unable to carry out time-sensitive orders. If a company is facing supply chain break-down before the arrival of inputs to the facility, the manufacture will be forced to look for raw materials from alternative sources leading to reduced profitability and higher prices.

Distribution Costs:

Bringing down distribution costs is an important function of supply chain management. We help manufacturers with cost-efficient supply chain, reducing drastically the overhead as well as direct sales costs at the same time.

Company Infrastructure:

If you’re a manager in a manufacturing firm, you need to strike out the right balance between maintaining fully-owned distribution systems and contractor services. But with AH Group, you can be rest assured that you’ll have full control over your ongoing supply chain. Decisions involving distribution-system and the investment involved will be much clearer.

Supplier and Customer Integration: 

AH Group is a supplier-customer integrated intensive company built with the capability to meet your entire repair and industrial MRO needs addressing, supplier disruption risk, enhancing information integrity and, improving planning of supply and demand through embracement of new technologies and risk management culture.

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