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Is MRO overlooked in facility management & organizations?


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MRO, or Maintenance, Repair & Operations, refers to the list of activities required to maintain or restore the functioning of the required spare parts and equipment including valves and pumps and consumables including plant upkeep supplies, cleaning supplies including lubricants. Anything utilized in the manufactured of, but not deployed, in a final product may be defined as MRO. But is MRO overlooked in facility management and organizations? That is where AH Group chips in. We, at AH GROUP, involve in three types of MRO activities:

# Preventive Maintenance:  We carry out this form of maintenance regularly before any issue surfaces so as to maintain the smooth operation of processes and working condition of equipment.

# Corrective Maintenance: We also undertake MRO process once the problem has occurred, whether a complete breakdown or general wear and tear is dealt with.

# Predictive Maintenance: More often, predictive maintenance is based on the data extracted from monitoring processes that enable tracking of historical trends and allows for consistent failure predictions.

We, at AH Group, have an organized system integrated to manage and track supplies and equipment regularly. Another key process is to maintain an on-site inventory of the most frequently used items, cut down extra expenditures, lower downtime and the usual stress associated with restocking.

We help streamline MRO management including the use of software and tools and ensure key MRO items are available as and when they’re required. A dedicated space is created for this inventory with proper tracking mechanism for repair and operation in place to simplify the process and improve efficiency.

We have a proficient team of supply chain personnel capable of establishing solid relationships with MRO partners and maintain supplier relationship, thereby eliminating costs, whilst also ensuring operational efficiency.

Some companies trust third-party MRO management including Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) which allows the supplier’s presence on-site to manage and control MRO inventory. This may also account for volume discounts.

We establish a cohort of performance indicators (KPIs) for tracking and monitoring costs and savings. We help equip the company with this knowledge to effectuate changes to MRO inventory and strategies in real time.

We understand that MRO definition is company-specific and we help businesses of all types and sizes to develop a thorough understanding of what needs to be brought  under MRO operation, and how best to control, manage and monitor inventory, cost, suppliers and services.

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