Is MRO overlooked in facility management & organizations?


MRO, or Maintenance, Repair & Operations, refers to the list of activities required to maintain or restore the functioning of the required spare parts and equipment including valves and pumps and consumables including plant upkeep supplies, cleaning supplies including lubricants. Anything utilized in the manufactured of, but not deployed, in a final product may be Read More »

AH Group’s best practices for Spare Parts Inventory Management

Often parts warehouses and inventories are given less focus and attention as they don’t result in revenue generation directly for a company. Agree? If yes, let’s move forward. But why do we fail to understand that any manufacturing facility can save thousands of dollars by just having a spare-part on site, rather than having to Read More »


Blank conveyors on a blurred factory background. 3d illustration

AH Group follows a procedural approach when it comes to managing the distribution of goods from raw material producers through manufacturers and finally down to consumers or end users. The importance of supply chain management in manufacturing industry has never been felt so sharply. Its impact is felt in a number of areas including the Read More »


Warehouse working repairing device

The years from 2007 through 2009 would be vividly remembered for the economic volatility. And again exactly after a decade we are witnessing another round of economic paralysis that has affected customer demand and rapid movement of fuel and raw materials, besides escalating commodity prices. The AH Group is committed to creating more customer-centric, efficient Read More »